5 Big Digital Marketing Strategies in 2016

My quote for 2016
My quote for 2016!!!

If you were asked to name one volatile always evolving market, online digital market would probably be top of mind. Whether we´re talking search, social, pay-per-click, mobile, apps or email marketing, there is always something happening every time!

To help you focus on what really matters in 2016, I´ve come up with a digital marketing short list you just need to check!


For those guys who are not keen on reading, here´s a 15 sec summary:

1.      Mobile is your n.1 screen

2.      Facebook goes business mode

3.      You´re only as good as your content

4.      Know & personalize as much as possible

5.      Video is key


Let’s get started now:


1. Mobile is your n.1 screen

We already wrote here that mobile searches have surpassed desktop in last October 2015 and this will only increase and fast.

Now that more than 50% of online searches are conducted on a mobile device, there´s no way you can ignore it. If your website isn´t mobile friendly (obviously being responsive helps but is not enough), stop everything else right now and do it immediately!

Mobile has forever changed the way we look at our customers and business. It created an entire new world of opportunities to which Google calls Micro-Moments. There are hundreds of micro-moments you can leverage differently if you just know how.

Not sure about your website mobile performance?

Check it with these free tools:


2. Facebook goes business mode

Facebook pretty much killed organic reach (free traffic) for Facebook pages with algorithm changes in Jan 2014 and later on April by deciding to stop Sponsored Stories. Those changes reduced page update visibility in profiles and at the time, although we all knew it would hurt business, many of us didn´t catch what was really behind:

A Google style massive monetization scheme aimed at business and brands alike!

Since Facebook launched its new retargeting mode last October 2015, with greater and enhanced retargeting options and without forcing business to do it through Facebook Ad Exchange, we´ve seen a huge increase on business using this option to reach out for customers that recently visited their company websites.

Retargeting options include demographics and devices (mobile only is a great choice to some businesses) and custom audiences now have the option of been refined by gender, geography, age and marital status.

How does Facebook retargeting works? This is simple done by adding a Facebook conversion pixel very similar to Google AdWords tracking code.

Are you curious enough? Go and try it and then share it here with us!

Check it here: https://www.facebook.com/business


3. You´re only as good as your content

We keep on believing exceptional original content is one of the single most important signals to build in digital marketing. This isn´t featured in number 1 because we´ve all been saying it for the last 4-5 years.

Are you able to produce original and differentiated content?

Is it appealing and useful?

Is it easily shareable?

When you produce this kind of content you attract interest and if you do it long enough, in a continuous manner, you´ll probably end up being an authority on what you write.


Look a Hubspot example: they´ve built a company out of the idea that sales harassment days are over. They´ve branded a widely known notion of “Inbound Marketing” and helped to start a digital revolution.

If you type “Content Marketing Strategy” or “Inbound Marketing” in a search engine, odds are you will likely find them very quickly.

How does this translates in to your business?

Imagine you own a glass door manufacturing business and that you sell directly.

Sometimes your customers are looking for what you do, not for you specifically because maybe they just don´t know you.

They can go to YouTube or to Google Images and simply write “glass door cabinet”.

They expect to find something useful and for you to be present at that conversation you need to create appealing content that can first position you company correctly, and that secondly passes the idea that you are an expert on what you do: glass doors!

You can do that with pictures, how-to articles, videos, infographics, and several other content types.

Got the picture?


4. Know & personalize as much as possible

Personalizing your message is key in 2016 but that´s only possible if you have actionable insights about your customers. Be sure to harvest key data from your customers were ever they may be.

There are 3 very simple things you can do:

  • Use AdWords Remarketing code on your website to get knowledge from your customers.
  • Use Facebook Retargeting code so you can later reengage with them throughout Facebook real estate.
  • Install good CRO (conversion rate optimization) software tools like Hotjar and Optimizely to understand your users paths inside your website, run experiences and personalize.


5. Video is Key

Stream video is taking marketing by storm. Video is not a soon-to-fade marketing trend. It´s an actual marketing tool that can powerfully leverage your online efforts and increase your reach and conversions.

Here are some statistics about video in 2015:

  • Online video accounts for more than 50% of all mobile traffic (1),
  • Videos on a landing page can increase conversions by 80% or more (2),
  • Almost one-third of all people on the internet are on YouTube (1 billion users), and they generate billions of views daily (3),
  • Watch time in YouTube has increased by +60% y/y in 2015,
  • 90% of users say that seeing a video about a product is helpful in their decision process,
  • Google reported that for TrueView (YouTube video ad format) campaigns completers (people that saw the ad at least for 30 sec) ad increase results in consideration (+45%), favorability (+14%) and purchase intent (+19%) (4),

Note: If you´re interested in up-to-date YouTube stats you can check Socialblade or Statista for more global stats.

Its undisputable that video (along with mobile) is changing the way we marketeers interact with our audiences.



This is of course my own opinion on the 5 best marketing strategies for 2016 but its true that it all depends on what you already have implemented on your business and your industry overall competitiveness, so I´m sure its always possible to squeeze in a few more strategies in. If you feel something is missing be sure to send me your opinion.