AdWords certification

Is having an AdWords certification badge a full proof guarantee that you´re able to correctly – and profitabily – handle AdWords accounts?

What do you think?

Let me put it this way:

  • Do you have a driving license? Yes, good for you!
  • With the permit you have, can you drive a car? Yes, you can!
  • But, does possessing a permit/driving´s licence makes you a top professional driver?!? Not by a million miles!!!
  • It get´s you to drive a car on a daily basis, fair enough, but it´s completely useless if you´re aiming to win a professional car race;

AdWords competitive scenario is much like this.

Sure you can have an AdWords certification course, and you can even have IT knowledge, but do you seriously believe you can beat someone that for years has been professionally managing several dozens of Adwords accounts in highly competitive industries thus taking precious insights on the tools, marketing approaches, etc etc etc?

Don´t really think so…

Wait…it get´s worst!

Do you know whats actually worst that not knowing AdWords? Is thinking you do…

Has most of us know, when you start to work with AdWords it´s actually really easy to spend lots of money! One simple tiny little thing, and the second the campaign air´s, you´re burning tons of your money or worst, your customer´s money.

Unless you have the time to become an expert, the money to burn and the willingness to keep learning daily, it´s best if you just leave it to the experts!

Biased or not, this is my opinion! By the way, here´s my individual AdWords Certificate:

Rui Martins AdWords Certification



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