Digital Marketing Mistakes..Big Time!

Searching the web for the last 10 years, I´ve come across some big digital advertising mistakes (I´ve done a few also, but enough about me…).

Oddly enough, some of my best findings didn’t belong to beginners, inexperienced or wannabee webmasters or and high-school students. No sir!

Actually, some of the biggest mistakes I´ve found where “made” by very knowledge people in the online business, but somehow, something was forgotten…

Take for example the Luxury Travel Website Mr.&Mrs.Smith (don´t mistake with Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie 2005 movie).

Just let me start by saying that the above website is undoubtedly a very well established and interesting online brand & business on a very demanding market as we all know online travel to be.

Now, that I´ve made that very clear, let the fun stuff begin:

Here we are on Mr.&Mrs. Smith official website…

mr mrs smith website screen with G Ads


Now, notice the banner on top. It says “UP ALL NIGHT”, followed by “BOOK NOW” and a Mr.&Mrs. Smith logo. On a first glimpse I thought:

  • Maybe it´s just an internal banner!

But wait…take a look again at the website bar down below.

I´ve hoovered my mouse over the banner and it says that the banner is being provided via DoubleClick (Google agency specialized in display ads), and it´s in fact a paid ad.



Why on earth would you pay for your own ad to appear on your own website?


This makes little to no sense, for me at least.


  • If this is important content and you need to show it to your website audience, just create your own website banner and display it there. Please don´t pay Google to display your own advertising in your own website.


Is there any logical explanation for this Advertising mistake?

Actually…yes! Chances are, they are paying an external company to run Display campaigns and by mistake, they´ve neglected to remove Mr.&Mrs.Smith own website from placements…ups!


What is even more disturbing is that by some reason, they´ve failed to notice this…yet! I´m sure that since they do ORM (online reputation management) they´ll pick up this post in no time and act on it.

Or won’t? Well, let’s wait & see!


Let’s look at another wonderful example of a Digital Marketing Big Mistake:


URL Redirect Mistakes

This is a less common mistake because of its visibility. You don´t need to be digitally savvy to get this one quickly and solve it in 10 secs. Nevertheless, it happens and once in a while you´ll get to see wonderful examples such as the below:

When accessed, was supposed to show exactly the same as but it doesn’t because they´ve forgotten to do a 301 redirect! (at least we know they like Parallels. I for myself, I’m more a Oracle VirtualBox  fan).

301 redirect mistakes without www




Do you have a similar problem or better yet, don’t want to have it? Here is how to solve or prevent it:

  • Open your .htaccess file (it´s normally in your public_html folder);
  • At the beginning wright:

RewriteEngine On

RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^ [NC]

RewriteRule ^(.*)$$1 [L,R=301]

This one sets you Canonical URL (preferred domain) to



Don´t forget to set in Google’s Search Console (as of May 2015 ex-Webmaster Tools) the way you would like Google to index and present your preferred domain in search results. For any doubts on that just see here.


There’s lots of other common digital marketing mistakes, I´m sure you´ve came across a few. If you want to share, be my guest!


PS1 – Everhotels missing 301 was found on the 9th April 2016.

PS2 – In no way I intend to arm Mr&Mrs Smith or EverHotels reputation. This is only a good example that if you´re not careful enough in today´s digital landscape, you´ll end up doing big mistakes.