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Mango Animate Introduces New Solutions for Whiteboard Animation Video Making

Mango Animate Introduces New Solutions for Whiteboard Animation Video Making

Hong Kong, China — (ReleaseWire) — 08/30/2021 –Video has become one of the most essential forms of media these days. Many businesses have started to utilize videos to improve their marketing or to enhance their brands. Acknowledging this fact, Mango Animate released its whiteboard animation video maker. It is a software program packed with practical features. While the concept of a video may vary, the whiteboard animation style emits its own charm which makes something explained with the concept become easily understandable.

“Mango Animate is constantly evolving to provide our users with easy-to-use animation creation tools that are capable of creating high-quality animation videos,” says Ivan Leung, the CTO of Mango Animate. “Our whiteboard animation video maker has incorporated a free media library where our users can access thousands of images and icons which they can use in their videos.”

The whiteboard animation video maker is presented in a user-friendly interface that allows users and even beginners in animation making to easily master the software. Mango Animate seeks to create software that requires minimum expertise yet is sophisticated enough to deliver high-quality videos. This software is one of the attempts taken by Mango Animate to achieve its goal.

Mango Animate creates software to fulfill the needs of various industries. This whiteboard animation video maker is designed to address the needs of marketers, business owners, educators, and more, in creating easy-to-understand explanations or presentation videos. Realizing the fact that their users are not experts in creative work, the whiteboard animation video maker offers simplicity in its workflow, making it suitable for users from various backgrounds.

This whiteboard animation video maker provides three ways to output the finalized videos: GIF, video, or offline video. Offline videos are supported in 6 different formats and HD resolution and can be exported directly from the software with no extra work. This saves users hours of processing time and lets them create videos quickly.

To explore more about this whiteboard animation video maker, please visit Mango Animate.

About Mango Animate

Mango Animate is an innovative software developer that provides an easy solution for animation video making. The company aims to create software that is capable of delivering high-quality outcomes regardless of the users’ level of expertise. Equipped with handy features, Mango Animate’s software brings efficiency and convenience for the users.

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