2 tips to Speed up DNS propagation in a server migration

This might be a little old for some, nevertheless I’m sure it will help some of you out there dealing with server migrations.


The propagation of a DNS can take up to five days, this is because among other things, when you migrate a site to another server / host, during the first hours it can happen that they’re still accessing your old server / host.



1st tip to speed up DNS Propagation

A good way to speed up this process and speed up the DNS propagation is to run the following command (valid for Windows operating systems):


Start> Run> cmd> and type “ipconfig / flushdns” (without the quotes)


By running this command you are cleaning the DNS access in your operating system and this can accelerate the DNS propagation, but of course don’t forget that you are probably not the only one to access your website…



2nd tip to speed up DNS Propagation

Starting from the beginning: in fact for a well done server migration, it’s preferable to take the TTL (time to live) to lower values. This will tell the various machines that keep your DNS record to do so for less time, so the DNS will propagate faster.


Of course, this doesn’t mean that it will be adapted to 100% because there are many machines (DNS servers) that do not meet standards and keeps TTLs very high, but at least it will help J


There are other ways to solve these problems, but we will take it one brick at a time!


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